Building a Home Security Server


Recap of Virtualization

  1. What is a Virtual Machine?
  2. Why use a VM?
  3. How can we use it for build a Server?
  4. What platforms are available
    1. vSphere
    2.   MS Hypervisor

Featured Security Software included in Security Onion:

  1. IDS/IPS Tools
    1. What is IDS/IPS
    2. What is included in Security Onion
      1. Snort*
      2. Bro
      3. OSSEC
      4. Suricata
  2. Analysis Tools
    1. Wireshark*
      1. Packet Analysis
    2. SQGUIL
      1. Collects indicators of attacks and alerts
    3. Xplico

Workshop Portion (1hr):

  1. What do I need to build one at home (bare minimum)?
    1. Pre Built PFSense appliance
    2. Computer (FreakBox?)
    3. Extra NIC card
    4. PFsense
    5. A Switch
    6. A solid understanding of SOHO networking
  2. Installing vSphere
    1. Basic walk through
    2. Realink adapter
    3. Web GUI
    4. finding your vSphere license and applying it
    5. Configuring your adapters and networks
  3. Installing a VM
  4. Other things you can dd to your server (resource dependent)
    1. Honeypot
    2. Cuckoo Sandbox

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